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Sports with a dog is a great way to communicate with an animal! Regular physical activity and exercise make it possible to be always in shape not only for the pet, but also for the guide.
There are many different kinds of sports with dogs.
Competitions come at various levels - from local to national and international!
Sports with a dog is very interesting and exciting!

Sports training.

We are engaged in different types and directions of sports training, but we still specialize in such standards as: BH/VT, IGP, IGP-FH, ОКД, ЗКС.

BH/VT (Companion Dog).
Suitable for dogs of all breeds, mongrel and decorative, including. An interesting and complex standard consisting of elements of obedience.

IGP (service triathlon).
The most complex standard, consisting of three sections: Trace, Obedience and Protection. It has three difficulty levels: 1, 2, 3. Competitions, national and international Championships are held at the IGP – 3 level.

This is an international trace standard with three levels of complexity (IGP-FH1, IGP-FH2, IGP-FH). Competitions, national and international Championships are held at the IGP-FH level.

ОКД (General Training Course). The national standard for obedience.

ЗКС (Protective Guard Service). National protective standard for service dogs.

It is possible to engage in sports training only after successful completion of the general course of obedience.

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