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  • Theoretical classes.
  • Practical exercises.
  • Individual classes.
  • Group classes.
  • Classes with a dog on overexposure.
  • Classes with departure.

This is the first and most important basic course.
The purpose and objective of this course is to teach the owner to understand and train his dog, to read the behavior of the animal, to form the necessary behavior of the dog and to clean up what is not necessary.

General course of obedience.

  • Physiology of dog nutrition.
  • Home maintenance of the dog (hygiene, toilet training, training in the procedure of cutting claws and other care).
  • Motivation of learning.
  • Building a home workout.
  • Tools in dog training.
  • Educational game, what and how to play.
  • Domestic obedience.
  • Markers in dog training.
  • Body language, the work of intonation, the use of auxiliary tools.
  • Positive and negative reinforcement.
  • The dog's daily routine.

under study

  • Movement "nearby" on a sagging leash.
  • The "sit" command.
  • The "to lie" command.
  • The "stand" command.
  • Exposure in positions.
  • A call.
  • Game tricks.
  • Exercises for warming up.

of classes

Дрессировка собак общий курс послушания Тбилиси Грузия

The course program.

Suitable for any dog of any breed, including mongrel.
The beginning of training is from 3-4 months. The course is designed for 4-5 months with the intensity of visits 2 times a week and mandatory homework.

Successful completion of the general course of obedience to most dogs is enough for ordinary everyday life.
After successfully completing this course, you can continue to engage in
sports training or special purpose training.

Skills being studied

Воспитание дрессировка социализация собак в Тбилиси Грузия

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