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  • departure of the instructor-dog handler to your home to get to know you and your dog;
  • full pet inspection;
  • consultation on the first day of the start of classes;
  • transportation of the animal to the place of overexposure, if you do not have the opportunity to do it yourself;
  • accommodation without meals (meals are negotiated separately);
  • daily individual lessons with the dog from one to five times a day (depending on the age of the dog);
  • video and photo report on the course of training 1 time in 7 days;
  • 2 lessons after the end of the training program lasting 1 hour each, in which all the information about your interaction with the dog is transmitted to you.

Overexposure training is becoming increasingly popular among dog owners. This type of training provides that your dog lives with us for a certain time (depends on the wishes of the owner) and undergoes effective daily training in obedience and acquiring the necessary skills.

Training with overexposure.

  • dry food;
  • veterinary passport with all vaccinations;
  • the usual ammunition of your dog (leash + collar);
  • bowl;
  • your dog's favorite toys.

This service includes:

You will be required to:

Clients who:
  • do not have the opportunity to engage in the upbringing of their dog under the strict guidance of a dog trainer;
  • they do not have the skills and knowledge to train their dog on their own;
  • have a dog that is physically stronger than them;
  • have already tried to train their dog with other dog handlers or without getting positive results on their own;
  • have already tried to cope with various problems in the behavior of their dog on their own, not knowing how to do it correctly;
  • they want to leave, but they can't take their dog with them and would like to give her the necessary knowledge during this time.

For which dog owners is this suitable?

Overexposure training programs:

general course of obedience;
sports training;
working with dog phobias;
individual tasks.

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