We will teach you how to talk to a dog.

Воспитание дрессировка социализация собак Грузия Тбилиси

School of communication with a dog "Netto_197"


Features of dog training in the SCD "Netto_197".

Авторская методика

The main provisions of this methodology:

In our school, the author's method
is used in the preparation of dogs.

The peculiarity of this technique is that the dog training process takes place without "physical" and "technical" violence, that is, with the minimum possible amount of physical correction, as a result of which the dog has much more positive emotions from classes than negative ones. Thus, the reliability of the dog in work and its controllability are significantly increased.

  • development of the dog's desire to cooperate with a person,
  • the ability of the guide to explain his requirements to the dog,
  • the ability of a guide to understand his dog.

We train dogs in all kinds of directions – from raising a puppy to high achievement canine sports!

We don't care what kind of dog you have. We work with different breeds and ages of dogs!

We will select the optimal training program for you and your dog!

Мы дрессируем собак по всевозможным направлениям – от воспитания щенка, до кинологического спорта высоких достижений!
Нам не важно какая у вас собака. Мы работаем с разными породами и возрастами собак!
Мы подберём Вам и Вашей собаке оптимальную программу обучения!

What can we offer you?

Do you need to go away and there is no one to leave the dog? We also solve this issue - we provide services for overexposure of dogs!

Вам надо отлучиться и некому оставить собаку? Мы решаем и этот вопрос - оказываем услуги по передержке собак!

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To work successfully with a dog, you need to become not the main thing for her, but the best!

Воспитание дрессировка социализация собак в Тбилиси Грузия

School of communication with a dog "Netto_197"

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